Professional Announcement

Professional Announcement from Alison Law
Hi, I’m Alison Law. If this is your first time visiting my website—WELCOME! I hope you’ll introduce yourself in the comments below or email me at alison at alisonlaw dot com. If you’ve been here before, then you’ve undoubtedly noticed a few changes.

In the past, has served as a virtual storefront for my consulting business Alison Law Communications. In 2015, my goals for the site shifted when I completed my graduate degree and began working full time for a national cause marketing agency. I also decided to stop posting to my book blog at

As my priorities and interests are in flux, I make no promises about the content you’ll find here on a recurring basis. This website will remain a home base for my professional life and a place to entertain irresistible freelance opportunities. I am resisting my marketer’s urge to brand the blog, instead opting to treat this space as an online journal and way for me to stay plugged into my many literary interests.

Thank you for stopping by.